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Street food vendors only offer Nigerians 3 repetitive meals; White Rice & Tomato Stew, Fufu & Okra Soup or Fufu & Egusi Soup.

Our Come Chop Restaurants will serve an array of previously unobtainable and/or unaffordable array of delicious meals such as Indian Butter Chicken, Jamaican Curry Goat, Italian Bolognaise Sauce, German Sausage Stew, A wide array of local Soups, Jollof Rice, as well as specialty meals that will include Rotisserie Chicken, Peppered Snails, Pepper Soup & Goat Head + PALM WINE!



Our restaurant's target market:

Nigerians aged 15 - 55 years = 52 million

  • Upper middle (4.70%)
  • Lower middle (8.74%)
  • Floating class (20.88%)

= (4.7%+8.74%+20.88%)*52 million = 17.85 million

Opportunity: A huge daily target market of 8.5 million people with effective demand!

Our restaurant's key success factore;

Nigerians aged 15 - 55 years = 52 million

  • Our recipe standardization, and array of choice will attract our customers to our easily recognizable restaurants all over the cities.
  • Our restaurants will match existing roadside mama-put type restaurant prices!
  • Our franchised restaurants will be located locally near high traffic areas and where roadsides thrive(motor parks, bus terminals, markets, schools).

Opportunity: 1st mover advantage to consolidate an unstructured industry!

Opportunity: Earn a very profitable return on investment.

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